Design school graduate

Well, in December I graduated with my bachelors. It should feel like an accomplishment but it has only made me feel like a failure. I went from being able to use my creativity freely, spending most of my time at home, and caring for my family to sitting at a desk all day creating designs I hate and barely spending any time with my family. Of course I make a decent paycheck so I should be grateful but I’m simply unhappy. I had such aspirations for my career but after several job applications were sent and rejected or ignored I lost most of my confidence. I keep telling myself I must not be good enough or that I picked the wrong career to pursue.

It was my long term goal to be a freelancer, but it has become my right now goal. I want to start working from home ASAP. But how does one with so many different skills pick just one focus? I love painting, I’m a pretty good photographer, and I think there is a place for my style of design. So pick one and then where to start? I’m a little overwhelmed and wish someone would just tell me what to do! I’ve got some baby steps in my planner: 1. Get my instagram feed cohesive 2. Start selling on etsy 3. Go to networking events. Hopefully I’ll meet someone that could give me some guidance, or really appreciate my work and want to hire me.

I will keep you all updated, and I would love some positive vibes my way 🙂


Christmas tree

Well, its that time of year, and though we have been crazy busy, with me graduating and getting a new full-time job, we couldn’t skip our tree cutting tradition. Last week, in the 80-degree weather, we went to Pipe Creek and got our Christmas tree. It was hard finding one that we liked, since after all they aren’t truly Christmas pines, but we enjoyed the process.

Pumpkin Fun

When the cool weather hits San Antonio it makes my soul happy. I don’t know if it’s in my northern NYer blood but my mood does a 360 in the fall. If its cooler weather there is soo much more to do, without sweating anyway.

This past weekend was a good one. I can’t tell you how many times the girls mentioned it was the best day ever, every day. We had pizza for dinner, roasted marshmallows and made smores curled up by the fire, had a lazy Saturday watching Halloween movies, went to a party at a friends house, carved pumpkins, painted, and spent time doing all these things together.  It seems like a crazy weekend but it was nice and slow. We have been so busy with work and school that it was a nice break. I am very excited about the holidays, I love to do festive activities with the family. It brings back nostalgic memories and also makes new ones.

South Texas Corn Maze

Yesterday we drove out to Hondo to check out the corn maze. Some friends told us about the free weekend for military so we thought we would see what it was all about.  We didn’t get there until 5 because we wanted to see the fireworks but we didn’t realize how much they had to offer and were wishing we had a little more time. But by the time the fireworks were starting we were ready to go. The lines for food were long so we gave the girls the option to leave before the fireworks and order pizza and they took it. They had a lot of fun though, the maze had trivia questions to figure out the way and so it was fun for everyone. There were plenty of places for free play, which is always nice because the adults can take a break and have a drink while the kids have fun. We will definitely be going back next year!

First day of School

I’m behind getting these posted, It’s been a busy week! It started off with Hurricane Harvey which didn’t affect us, thankfully, we just got some gusty wind. Then there was a crazy gas shortage that was unnecessary but because people were panicking and buying up all the gas they could, it became struggle to find a gas station that wasn’t dry not to mention the crazy backed up traffic. Besides that the week went pretty smoothly. The girls like their teachers and were excited that some of last year’s friends were in their class. Gracie got a note home already, not sure why my child can’t act right, she’s a wild one. I also started my internship this week. I was a bit disappointed after my first day because it seemed that I was just going to be sorting files but the second day was great and I actually got a project to work on so I think it’s going to be a great experience. Hopefully I can get the girls into after school soon, they are on the wait list so, for now, our neighbors are helping us a couple days a week. Wednesdays are soccer practice days for Patience but with both Adam and I in night class the coach’s wife is going to be bringing her. Very thankful for all the help we have had, with all of us in school it’s going to be a crazy couple of months. I will be celebrating come the new year!

Designing projects

I had such ambition to pay more attention to this blog when the new year started but then a new quarter at school started. I’ve been pretty busy going to classes and working on projects. I try going to the gym in the mornings before class and after class I pick up the girls so I don’t get much time anymore for hobbies. I got to spend most of the day yesterday painting with my friend which was refreshing. I plan to get back into my watercolor projects tonight after I finish some school assignments. Designing projects for school is fun, not as enjoyable as painting, but I do have fun coming up with ideas and presenting my work. I’m learning a lot and I think I will become a great designer after school. Here are a couple projects I finished for school, some event posters, a cookbook cover which will become a full book by the end of the quarter, and a banner that will be part of a trade show project.

  *these are not actual events, just made up for the assignment.

As you can see I will have a pretty diverse range of designs for my portfolio by graduation 🙂

Watercolor Painting

I have always been an artist.  I’ve pushed it aside for most of my adult life because I felt as though I had lost the skills I had as a teen.  My creative outlet became photography about 6 years ago and I knew that it was a skill I could make money doing.  It was a great career but when we moved I was overwhelmed with the idea of starting all over.  Knowing that I wanted to go back to school when we came back in the states I went with graphic design because I knew it would be a great creative career for me that I could mostly do from home and not have to worry about starting over if we moved.  I have a little over a year left and I am loving it and learning so much.

During our move I decided to get a watercolor travel set knowing I would have some free time to play with it.  I fell in love!  I never liked watercolors much in my younger days but I was inspired by the beautiful work I was seeing online.  I watched tutorials, practiced, and eventually got the hang of it.  I still have a lot of improvement but the feedback I am getting from family and friends is really pushing me to pursue it.  The greatest thing about it is I can use my art to create digital graphics and use it throughout my graphic design career.  I know that I like to switch things up a lot and I have a ton of hobbies but I feel like this is going to be something I will stick with for a while.


Sushi is easier than you think

Whenever our family decides to eat out the majority vote is usually for sushi.  With the 4 of us it usually ends up costing around $50 depending on how many rolls we order.  My husband has been saying for the past few years that he wanted to try making it himself.  When he said it a couple months ago a lightbulb went off and I decided it would be the perfect Christmas gift.  I went online to figure out all of the supplies I needed and ordered them all on Amazon.  Christmas day he successfully made us sushi.   When I went grocery shopping this morning I discovered everything I needed was right there!   Now, if you want some made with raw fish like you typically get at a restaurant you will have to go to a fish market and ask for sushi grade fishes, but if you are just making California or Philadelphia rolls here is what you need.

Everything can be found at HEB:

  • Smoked Salmon or crab meat(imitation crab works)
  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • cream cheese
  • sushi rice
  • rice vinegar
  • Nori – can be found at HEB in the asian foods but can also be purchased on Amazon.
  • sriracha mayo or soy sauce for dipping.

*If you want to make your rolls inside out, with the rice outside you will need a bamboo rolling mat, which they also sell at HEB. For this we are just doing them with nori outside which doesn’t require a mat.

Cook your rice, its best to use a rice cooker for consistency but its not necessary, just follow the directions on the package.  When the rice is done add a tablespoon of rice vinegar and stir it in.Let the rice cool while you slice up your fish and veggies into long skinny pieces.

Lay your nori down on a cutting board or something flat.  Dip your hands in water and using your fingers cover the nori with rice but leave about an inch empty at the top.  Lay all your vegetables, fish, and cream cheese onto the rice about an inch from the bottom.

Roll from the bottom up as tightly as you can.

Use a good sharp knife to slice it the thickness you desire and transfer it to a plate.  I like mine topped with sriracha mayo but you can also just put some soy sauce on the side for dipping.  It’s super easy I promise…and really yummy!